Change in Maryland Hand Gun Permitting

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Maryland Hand Gun Permitting Laws

Drastic Changes in Maryland Hand Gun Permitting Laws Maryland’s stance on allowing conceal and carry handgun permits has recently experienced a drastic change, with state law now allowing many of its residents to legally apply for a permit to conceal and carry handguns. This new policy enables individuals to feel safer within their communities, as well as creating increased comfort in being able to protect themselves in a variety of situations. One major factor driving the decision to approve these permits was the need for an additional level of security in an increasingly uncertain time. Accordingly, Maryland has made the responsible decision that more guns does not equate to more crime; instead, it will empower people who possess concealed weapons under their local law with the strength to resist criminal behavior. Contact Chris – Senior Instructor at Security Training Academy, Pasadena MD tel: 443-702-7891

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Maryland Hand Gun Laws

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